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Virtualgalleryberlin Nr. #1 of "Collectors Empire"

I am proud to introduce to all artists from today also collectors of NFT art. Surely you have asked yourself with which background great collectors choose their NFTs. Why they collect at all and what they think about the market in general. From today you have the chance to learn a little deeper into their (our) world. I am happy to start today on 03 May 2021 with the Virtualgalleryberlin.

1. What inspired you to become an collector of NFT’s?

Artists around the world get a new opportunity to express themselves through a new form of media. This fact is really inspiring to us. Especially for digital artists it’s an amazing opportunity, because in the past there was no market place to exhibit their artworks. Moreover we like the fact that we don’t have to visit „traditional“ galleries physically anymore. Now we are able to visit galleries in a decentralised and international way.

2. How do you choose the artworks you buy?

First of all, the artwork should be attractive and unique to us. There are a lot of NFT projects out there, which means, that some of them may not have the potential to grow. An artwork we personally like, will never be a mistaken investment. Secondly, we have a detailed look at the artistic career of the artist to get a better impression of his work. Lastly, every NFT project should tell an interesting story – or have a concept which catches our attention.

3. Is there some art you would never buy? If yes - Why?

Generally, we are not the biggest fan of pixel art, but in case we would get the possibility to add a crypto punk to our collection, we would not say „No“. 😜


4. Please tell us what means art for you.

Art gives us the possibility to dive into different worlds and change perspectives. In the best case, art takes us on a journey, in which we can forget our surroundings for a short time. Without art there is no life, just existence.

5. What give an NFT it’s value?

We as a community give each NFT it’s value.

The community itself gives an NFT it's value. Above all, the real value of an NFT shows up on the secondary market after the hype phase. Here we have the classic principle of supply and demand again. Unfortunately we are seeing that many new artists approach the number and price of an NFT too high and although it is a beautiful work of art it is not accepted by the community.

6. What else you wanna tell us about your collection?

It’s not our collection – it’s a collection for everyone. With the virtual gallery Berlin we would like to exhibit NFTS in a completely new way. We want to support artists in sharing their work with people all over the world, in augmented and virtual reality. If you are interested, feel free to check our Instagram @virtualgalleryberlin

7. How do you see the future of NFTs?

It’s the next big thing, as NFTs are not just interpretable for art, but also a tool with unlimited potential. This is just the beginning.

"Thank you very much for your comments. I am glad to welcome such an interesting collector in "Collectors Empire". Pirates_of_art

Here you can find our highly respected collector without searching the universe.

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