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"The Angel" by Mike Deodato


Mike Deodato’s Bad Girls The Angel God's armies can only rely on the Angel of War to defeat Satan. Colors by Marco Lesko. After his smash hit Wonder Woman run in 1994, Mike Deodato became the most known Bad Girls artist of his time, bringing power and sensuality to an army of dangerous beauties like Lady Death, Glory, Vampirella, Xena, Batgirl, Elektra and many others. Now he is bring them back to set the NFT world on fire!

Reasons for me to collect:

Good or evil - is perhaps a question of point of view. In a war, which soldier is the good guy and who is the bad guy? Ask both families of the soldiers. You will get different answers. One thing is for sure, if you don't want something, you should fight for the thing you want. So even the good needs its army.

What is a bad girl? For me, a woman who knows exactly what she wants, thinks about what she can do for it and does it.

"I like bad girls - and the one who feels addressed knows why." Pirates_of_art


Mike Deodato:




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