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"Red Business woman" by Maria_Uve_


This work is a symbol of support for women who love their positive body, who are independent and hard-working. Supporting freedom and harmony between genders.

Reasons for me to collect:

Short time ago I saw in a feature the picture "CRYPTOPUNKS LOVER !!!" and was fascinated by the style of Maria. But it was allready sold.

Then one day - I saw Maria made a gif with the main color red. My eyes were attracted. Than I saw how the movement of the lady was made - My decision to bid was made . And indeed Maria should want to see this picture in my collection. Thank you. This picture completely raises the tenor of my collection. It is cute, sexy and always appealing to look at.

"Sexy, smooth and very eyecatching! My compliments!" Pirates_of_art


Marias Uve facebook:



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