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"Playboy and NFT - the first love" by Constantinos Elysios and Pirates_of_art

Life tells the best storys...

The story behind the scenes.

Last summer my wife Christiane was photographed in our pool by a professional photographer. One picture catched my eye.

It feels for me super sexy and special.

So I had it to be painted by Elysios a passionate artist.

Because I collect NFT-Art and I would make my wife a surprise - I decided to save the amazing artwork in form of an NFT. The artwork was mintet on at 26.01.2021.

A few weeks later Playboy decided by chance to have the original photograph as it‘s pictorial in it’s April issue on page 10.

source: Playboy Magazine CZ april 2021 page 10
source: Playboy Magazine CZ april 2021 at page 10

On a weekend trip Christiane showed me that Playboy - and I was flashed - Playboy took that picture I made to NFT as cover for the pictorial-story.

So by coincidence the first NFT was printed in Playboy.

Amazing! This is a real success for NFT’s.



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