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NFT Discovery #9: Jarid Scott

Jarid is a digital artist/graphic designer/photographer based and working out of salt lake city, ut.

My first picture from him was "paranoid / android" this artwork facinated me from the first moment until now.

What inspired you to become an artist?

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a cartoonist, but I soon learned that had zero ability to draw. Yet I’ve always had some sort of drive in me to want to create something, so I experimented with many different mediums. It wasn’t till college that I discovered my talents were best suited for digital art and photography, two of my biggest influences being UTA Barth and Rob Sheridan.

Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

One my pieces that I am the most proud of (I believe one edition of it can be found in Pirates of Art’s collection) is my first MakersPlace featured piece: “Paranoid Android”. It’s hard to describe what I love about it so much, other than the fact that it’s one of the few pieces that turned out exactly like how I saw it in my head. I think I found a perfect balance of “glitch” and “non-glitch” in the imagery.

What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

The main statement or idea I wanted to convey with “Paranoid Android” is the comforting isolation that comes with being online and living so much of your life via technology. It’s a really odd paradox when you are so constantly connected and yet alone at the same time. The world around you a buzz of noises pixels yet in the middle of it yet if the power were to go out, you would just be alone in the dark.

What else do you want to tell us about your art?

I feel like a lot of my art falls into the same place of exploring the darker themes that exist within the ever increasing technology filled world. I enjoy using the juxtaposition is distortion and recognizable forms to force the viewers to look for humanity and comfort within all the chaos and noise.

How do you see the future of NFTs?

I truly believe that NFTs are revolutionizing the future of art. For the first time in decades many artists now have the ability to make a living simply by making art. Commission and freelance work are a nice option, but you are getting paid to make someone else’s vision, you are merely a tool for their idea. With NFTs, an artist can make the same amount of money by making an image they wanted to make, which is an amazing thing to do.

Very interessting point - and I think many of us know that loneliness in this digital century. And I think it will get worse...

thanks a lot Jarid...

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