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NFT Discovery #5: Arijanit Roci aka ArtOfBebop

Arijanit Roci is the creator of the two pieces "Ethereum" and "It's just a long finger" that belong to our collection. He is a digital artist and art director working as an art teacher in Sweden. And has been creating art for movies, commercials, and games. Everybody knows films like Harry Potter, Captain America, and Ninja Assasin. Just to mention a few of his animation works. Arijanit creates 2D acrylics, 3D modeling, and animations.

1. What inspired you to become an artist

I've always loved storytelling. I grew up with my grandmother telling stories to us kids all the time, and in my head I could see all these things and places, but so frustrated that I couldn't explain or share them with everyone else.

That is until I began drawing and started to follow other artists, (comic book artists from all over the world) seeing how they could convey a story into imagery was something mesmerizing. I was saying to myself, "wow so that is what it looks like - I wish I could show them what I mean" - So the short answer is my grandmother with her stories and I'll have to thank my older sister for being so persistent in wanting drawings and painting from me. It keeps me drawing, and motivated me through some tough times.

2. Please tell us about the artwork you are most proud of.

If I had to pick one, I would probably pick . "Magic - Create" is a portrait of my oldest son. I love this piece due to the subject matter. It is always fun and enjoyable when you paint someone you know and love. But the biggest reason I really love that piece is due to the fact that I feel like I really caught the essence of my son at that moment. It summarizes his personality and how he has an eye for composition and art. That whole piece is directed and staged by him and he was only 4 years old at the time.

3. Which main statement do you want to make through your art?

I don't know if I have a statement that can sum all of my work, or that I want people to feel in a certain way, because I tend to attack a subject matter on each and every piece and sometimes I attack a technique. Sometimes I want to show people that I am happy, angry, sad, nauseous, relaxed , inspired. etc. And I just hope that what I do goes through in the art I create so that the one watching can relate. But I am just fine with someone just feeling that "hey this painting works really well with this chair in the living room". But again if I would have a statement. I would like to say that things must matter, everyday all day. Make the feeling it gives you matter, make the position of where you place my art matter, if it's an nft - make the investment matter.

4. Is there something else you want to tell your fans and art lovers?

I have been painting for years and working on movies and games. But nowadays I mainly do digital art. And the biggest difference I would say is the lack of connection to the fans and art enthusiasts. So now when I get the chance to say something. And I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I would like to say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What makes my day is not a sale, it is moments like this. When someone takes their time to reach out and wants to communicate and talk about everything art. Art is my life and just like breathing - you can't stop. So my message to everyone or anyone who is reading. Reach out and let's talk art.

5. How do you see the future of NFT’s?

Well NFT's were just a question of when, never a question of if. And now that it is here it is here to stay. The digital community and it's artists have been screaming for something like this for years. Whether it is art, music or movies. NFT is a way to give power to the artist in so many ways. Before if you published something, a digital artwork for example, you had to put a stupid watermark on everything you did to keep it safe from counterfeits and copycats. And many times you had to put your trust in someone else when you wanted to sell just to have the big companies backing if someone wanted to rip you off. However I do think the NFT needs a couple of years to normalize. Because right now it is crazy out there, with tweets selling for millions and people eating live bats. Its something big and needs to become something solid.

6. What do you like more: painting real acrylic paintings with a brush or animating digital artwork?

When it comes to art, I have done it all and still do. I paint sometimes with acrylics and Oils. I worked as an animator for 7 years, creating matte paintings on movies like Harry Potter, Captain America and Ninja Assassin just to name a few. Hell I have even worked as a tattoo artist for two years until my back stopped loving me. But the one thing that I have been doing for years without ever incorporating or sharing it that much in my artwork, is 3D Modeling and graphics. My day to day work is actually working as a teacher where I teach student's game design and 3D modeling. I tell my students to use 3D as an artform, but I have barely used it myself. Strange but true. It might be the next step in developing my art. Who knows.

Arijanit, thank you very much for the deep insight into your work and your soul. This interview is going to inspire a lot of people.

Find Arijanit's work on makersplace:

And have a look on his website:

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