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NFT Discovery #2: ThemagicRicooouuu

Aktualisiert: 9. März 2021

The artist of the “CryptoWarrior”

He discovered his passion for creating art 20 years ago, because of his grandma.

She teached him how to paint aquarelle and all about the basics.

In 2018 he found his way into the cryptoart scene and got a nice and kind introduction trough twitter and makersplace.

He love to express himself trough art, he want to share his feelings, emotions and joy with his artworks.

He is happy to give all collectors a personal touch of himself and hope they will see the art like a part of them self <3

Welcome to the universe of ThemagicRicooouuu.

1. What inspired you to become an artist?

- First things first, i found my way into crypto in December 2017 when everything blow up. After about a year I saw an contest on twitter to do a custom header and profile pic. I talked to the guy who held the contest and he told me to create something he would like to have and I did it for him exactly like he wanted it. In the end I’ve won the contest and got my first payment in crypto. I was instantly flashed and the spirit to create artworks out of my fantasy was born, again. Since then I started to look out for digitalart on twitter, I found Makersplace and applied as an artist. A few days later I got accepted and I started my Journey in the nft/cryptoart world.

2. Please tell us about one artwork which, you are proud of.

- Im proud of all my art cause it came all from the bottom of my soul and contains a lot of emotions and feelings.

- But to name one specific artwork I would choose „I‘M WATCHING YOU“

The initial idea was to creat some kind of glitch artwork, and it drove me trough a dale of feelings and emotions where I ended up creating this spooky little tv show. This also is my actual most complex artwork I’ve done so far. But in the end every artwork I’ve created has its own personal story and I’m truly proud of every single one.

3. What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

- This artwork is a controversial and should take the viewer to another point of view. Sometimes everything seems so difficult, but try to change your perspective and maybe you can see an different way to solve your problems. I also want to show how much I improved my skills since I started creating cryptoart.

4. What else you wanna tell us about your art?

- I want to learn and evolve steady and try to always improve my work and workflow. With the upcoming „NFT“ industry the whole art market will be new sorted and that means there will be so many opportunities to show what I can do as an artist. I’m full of joy and energy for the future and want to create a lot of beautiful artworks.

5. How do you see the future of NFTs?

- The future of NFT‘s won’t be only Art! The application possibility’s for NFT‘s are infinite and will change the world we know dramatically in terms of ownership. Just think about a pair of an nft document paired with an nfc chip as the physical part of the ownership. To clear an ownership just scan the nfc chip in the physical element (bicycle, mobile phone, car, flat etc....)very

thanks so much ThemagicRicooouuu


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