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NFT-Discovery #19: OVERFIEND

Aktualisiert: 25. Juni 2021

Overfiend is a 3D artist whose art spans a variety of genres. His work has a stylised realistic finish and is described as sexual, grotesque, humorous and visceral. He draws inspiration from the human condition such growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.

He is a creative producer and director based in Australia who started an animation and video production company 20 years ago and still operates. He moonlights as an NFT artist to escape the daily grind of client work.

1. What inspired you to become an artist?

Since a child I was always fascinated with art and drawing. Graphic novels, comic books, computer games have always inspired me to explore my creativity. Studying art, architecture, multimedia design and computer science at university gave me a more rounded knowledge of technique and mediums. After a forming an animation and video production studio 20 years ago and still currently operate, my art now is more of an escape and represents my thoughts, aspirations, desires, and emotions.

2. Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

That is a hard one to answer! I guess if I had to pick one it would be ‘DOOM’ ( It is a very personal piece that not many people know the back story for. It presents a long-standing drug addiction I have. The subject is me and the hands pulling me down represents the people around me who reinforce my drug addiction. The hands also represent people dependent on my addiction to support their own. My reaching towards the light represents my desire to escape this cycle of self-destruction. It is a battle I am still struggling with today.

3. What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

‘DOOM’ is a piece that presents the struggle to break free from the status quo and how often we reinforce the truth of our false assumptions. Without recognising the self-fulfilling nature of our decisions and actions these false assumptions are distorted into truths and we continue our descent into self-destruction.

4. What else you wanna tell us about your art?

My art does not really have an easily recognisable styleand is more concept driven. Most of my art is dark in lighting and concept but occasionally I will have lighter and more positive, even humorous pieces. Almost all have a central human figure and I like to push the boundaries with my concepts to provoke some reaction, some feeling in the viewer. There is a lot of art out there that looks amazing but emotionally they do nothing for me. For me art must make you feel something.

5. What do you recommend a new NFT artist to look out for?

In this game it is all about getting noticed and engaging with your audience. I have seen so many amazing artists, but they do not make any sales. The conundrum is that most creative types are terrible at self-promotion. It is a challenge that needs to be overcome if you are to make it in the NFT scene. The other is to trust in your art. Do not make art that you think collectors want. Make art that you are passionate about. This passion in your craft, your style or concepts will be easily seen and appreciated whereas if you make art that you think will sell it will equally be obvious your work is contrived.One other thing is to be realistic in your pricing. You must have the patience to build up your followers, your collectors and slowly but steadily increase the floor in your pricing. Too many new artists come onto the scene with an overly inflated sense of their self-worth.

6. How do you see the future of NFTs?

It is hard to say. NFTs as a vehicle for distributing and authenticating digital assets has a bright future and its application will be become mainstream in many innovative forms and not be restricted to art. NFT art will always have a place but the art itself is constantly evolving. I think VR and AR NFTs have a bright future as well programmable art.

„Thank you for your honesti OVERFIEND - if someone know what you are speaking about - It really touches.“ Pirates_of_art

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