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NFT Discovery #14: Jonathan Hopkins

He is a freelance illustrator, concept and NFT artist from the United Kingdom , specialising in creature and character concepts and illustration.

His favourite subject matter to draw, paint and illustrate are creatures and animals of all kinds, from existing to fantastical, he love how each one is uniquely different, and the beautiful colours they possess. Bringing each one to life on the canvas in his own unique way is especially rewarding whether from imagination or a creature from reality.

He hope you enjoy browsing my gallery as much as I enjoyed painting the pieces and making some of his works your own.

Jonathan says: "A big thank you to all my current and future collectors, you inspire and encourage me to keep creating the best work possible every day with your support and I appreciate each one of you."

Looking forward to interacting with all the collectors and other artists in the NFT space!

1. What inspired you to become an artist?

I've loved creating art ever since I can remember, as a child It is something I would get totally lost in and consumed by and the time would just fly by and I'd be in my own little world creating. Artworks of Animals and creatures are my most favourite thing to create, my mum has a picture I did when I was very young of a tiger in felt tip pens so even at a very young age animals were huge influence. As I got older I discovered some of the masters whilst studying art in school (Dali, Landseer to name a couple). Video game concept art become a huge influence in the direction my work took in my teenage years as I absolutely loved video games and the art that went in to creating them. Once I made the jump to digital art I discovered a whole host of absolutely amazing artists and I fell in love with creature art and design. So animals and creatures still are a massive inspiration and interest of mine.

2. Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

That's a hard one. It's tough, there are some pieces I really love for varying reasons. My piece, 'Rabbit in the wind' is still one of my favourite pieces I've created. I really managed to capture a sense of adventure, wonder and story within the piece whilst keeping a whimsical, painterly feel and maintaining an air of seriousness. It's also dear to my heart as being the first NFT that I sold to an amazing collector, ModeratsArt. This really kickstarted my journey into the NFT space.

3. What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

There wasn't a statement really with that piece, it started as a sci-fi sketch and evolved into this wonderful fantasy creature image as I took the painting process further. If I had to say anything about it, it would be don't be afriad to let the piece change direction, some times the greatest moments are the ones that are not planned or pre thought out.

4. What else you wanna tell us about your art?

Going back to the beginning of my NFT journey, I was contacted by one of the creators of makersplace, Ryoma Ito, before the site's initial launch which was due to happen in January 2019, they liked my work and wanted to feature it, so 'Rabbit in the Wind' was the piece that I chose to be featured and was featured. The piece was featured by makersplace on their twitter but it didn't really get that much attention and I didn't make any sales. So after a while I gave up and actually forgot about the website until May last year (2020) when I received an email saying I'd made a sale, so when I checked the email I couldn't believe my eyes at the sale price! I checked the website and everything was correct and I was just so happy to have made this amazing sale on one of my artworks. So from there I began to upload more work and really be more active in uploading my pieces to makersplace. I've also recently discovered the amazing NFT community on twitter, an amazing hub of creativity, talent and wonderful collectors.

You can also probably see in my work that what I love to paint and draw the most are creatures, animals and characters and to have a realistic feel to my work, whilst still having energetic and painterly brush work. I love to have that mix of reality with a real expressiveness in my pieces.

5. What do you recommend a new NFT artist to look out for?

I'd say just to make the work you love, create the paintings that you love to make and don't change your work to try and make sales. Be yourself, and don't lose heart if you don't sell your pieces within 24 hours, remember my story and let that be an encouragement to you to not give up and keep going. I think patience is really key as well as sharing your work so others can find you :) . Becoming active in the NFT community, engaging with other artists and collectors and getting to know them will also be a great help. Twitter is a really great place to start for that.

6. How do you see the future of NFTs?

I think there are so many possibilities with the future of NFTs. I really imagine that there will be virtual galleries where you can go and visit using your computer and view pieces displayed like in a museum or gallery setting and even the possibility of doing this in some form of virtual reality device could be amazing. The other thing I believe could happen would be that the NFTs are displayed in an actual gallery building similar to the art museums and galleries we have now but just for NFTs or both NFTs and physical art if the fine art world (which they do seem to be, which I think is brilliant) decides to be more involved with the NFT space and artists.

Thank you so much to the amazing collector Pirates of Art for having me here for the interview, it has been a pleasure to be able to share a bit more about myself and my artwork. Please do come say hi on makersplace, twitter and instagram, I love to hear from and talk to other artists and collectors, you can ask me about my art any time or show me your collection or your artwork :) .

„Thank you Jonathan for give me this deeper dive into your world view and opinion.“ Pirates_of_art




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