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NFT Discovery #12: Samuel (Sam) Flegal

He first discovered north Mythology back in 1999, when he was a Freshman in college. He had gone to school out-of-state and didn't know many people. This left him with a lot of free time, and he spent it in the school library. At that point in his life, he was questioning religion, so he read about all the world religions. Out of all the myths and legends, the lore of the Norse stuck with him.

Throughout his art education he found ways to bring Norse Mythology into his projects as often as he could. On foggy days he had even yell "ODIN!" into the mist on campus. Over time he made many friends, and spent less time in the library. Eventually he graduated and became a Graphic Designer. He worked in marketing for many years, but ultimately he found his way back to drawing and painting.

He have been a freelance illustrator since 2009. He has done art for the gaming industry and concept art for movies, but in 2012 he was faced with a client-free month. He didn't know what to do – he hasn't drawn for himself in years! After some soul searching and sketching, he started to work on a painting of a trickster wizard. At first he didn't realize it, but the painting was of Loki. Before the end of the month, he got more client work and never finished the painting; but it got him thinking about the Norse Gods again.

As many artists do, he started to feel a desire to work on more personal paintings. He was reading more about Odin and he felt a connection with the One-Eyed God. Once he finally had the time to devote to personal work, he was inspired to paint Odin holding the head of Mimir, and this became my painting "Odin's Secrets."

He didn't know it then, but this was the beginning of Fateful Signs.

1. What inspired you to become an artist?

I learned to draw from my Dad when I was 3 years old. I’ve always been interested in drawing and in art. When it came time to pick a career I knew art was it. I ended up working as a graphic designer for 8 years after college before I went back to my true love, drawing and painting.

2. Why do you choose that Nordic mythology style?

I have a passion for history and mythology. I enjoy all myths, but Norse Mythology feels like it’s in my bones. Those stories feel like going home, and so whenever I do personal work I pull from those stories. Over the years I’ve done more than 30 paintings related to Norse Myths, I call the series Fateful Signs.

3. Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

I am forever pulled back to Odin. Last year I was commissioned to paint “Odin as Shaman.” I’m really proud of how that painting turned out.

4. What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

The idea of the shaman, a person who stands on the edge of society and provides a service to his community by communicating with the other world and the dead. To me artists serve in a similar role providing a window into another world, while also feeling like outsiders.

5. What else you wanna tell us about your art?

Fateful Signs is a quote from the ancient Norse text, the Havamal. The quote is “Runes shalt thou find, and fateful signs; That the king of singers colored; And the might gods have made!” The king of singers is Odin, and to color the runes was to put your own blood on them to connect you to them mystically.

This quote resonates with art for me. We sing with our drawing and paintings, putting blood and sweat into our creations, and out of it all we tell stories and create fateful signs. To me mythology and art are the perfect mirrors to life, and I am honored to be connected to them both.

6. How do you see the future of NFTs?

I think NFTs and crypto are the future, but it feels like we’ve just scratched the surface of what is possible. I’m no tech expert, just a guy who likes to paint, but even I can see the pure potential of it all. It’s an exciting time!

„Thank you Sam for give me this deeper view in the source of your godforged art.“ Pirates_of_art


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