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NFT Discovery #11: Panji Andrian aka: panjooolart

His name is Panji Andrian. He is a self-taught digital artist living in Indonesia.

Currently he is working as a freelancer for all kinds of digital artwork projects. These include Book covers, illustrations, concept characters, landscape environments, and album art covers

His passion lies in the worlds of fantasy. The majority of his work focuses on fantasy surreal and realism. He is mainly a photoshop user with expert knowledge of the program.

"I looked in her eyes - and must have her in my collection."

1. What inspired you to become an artist?

My biggest inspiration to become an artist is from my interest in the concept of game art, I feel an attraction when I see a cover or wallpaper of a game, especially with the themes of fantasy, adventure, and medieval times.

My interest started when I played an “openworld” game or if I was allowed to call the brand “Assasins Creed” and from then on, I wanted to decide that I wanted to be an artist, and had great hopes of being able to work in the gaming industry.

In the process of my journey to become an artist, I encountered many other great artists, and their extraordinary works became inspiration for my artistic journey. I can't name them because there were too many of them. And I also hope that I can become like them in the future

2. Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

The work that makes me proud is entitled “New Kingdom”, and I have the story behind the creation of this work. In the process, when the process was almost 70%, my computer suddenly died, and the project file became corrupted and couldn't be used, so I had to repeat the process from the beginning, and I am very grateful for the public opinion and support for this work, and I do not regret it. will be welcomed well. Feel happy and proud of working hard to repeat the whole process from scratch.

3. What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

The statement that I want to convey is "my work does not end here, it will continue to continue to develop and continue to make works"

I will continue to develop my potential, learn and keep practicing. Continue to imagine and give the best in every work that I make.

4. What else you wanna tell us about your art?

My art is my freedom, who I am, all the things I express in it about the things I like and hate. And trying to create my own world to convey it to the world "this is my world, you can stay in it if you like it".

5. What do you like on that medieval art or age?

The thing I like most about medieval times is the many stories or things that happened that we might not be able to find today, the history that took place over the centuries is a witness of a glorious past, this might be equated. with archaeologists who are interested in ancient historical objects, because in every ancient object they find buried history that has a value in the future.

6. How do you see the future of NFTs?

I see NFTs as a positive thing and will become a pillar in the future, all new things must have differences of opinion, but I feel NFTs will develop and be positive for the future, especially for artists and their careers.

Your art has a deep impression of the old times in europe. For me, your art expresses the feeling of the Middle Ages and fantasy very authentically. She takes me on a fantastic journey through times of knights, monsters, fairies and princesses.

thanks a lot Panji...

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