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NFT Discovery #10: Madolf D

"Mysteries and Fantasies" is the core of Madolf's creations, a self-taught freelance 3D illustrator.

Being a reserved kid, Madolf’s quest for answers had unlocked the doors of boundless imagination for him as an artist. This can be counted as the main reason for his endless series of experiments with darkness, mythological elements, cyberpunk ..(to name a few, as the list will go on with his experience) blended together with bright essence of psychedelic art; modeling, sculpting, rendering processes of 3d art and skulls(as mysterious love of Madolf) serves as Madolf's signature style.

Like mysteries and fantasies, Madolf's art mesmerizes you at first, then puzzles you and finally leaves you with some clues that need your perspective to solve the mystery lying beneath ....(since everyone has a different perspective, the essence of artwork is unique for each one of us...)

With a viewpoint that art has a boundless spectrum, Madolf loves to collab with the like-minded artists who share the same vision in order to explore and experience the beauty of various dimensions of art...

If not experimenting, you can spot the artist in your online video game squad ;)

What inspired you to become an artist?

Well starting from the start....I'm being of reserve nature (due to some struggles in my early personal life...will share more later ofcourse),always try to find something that will bear all my energies,no matter good n bad,but at the same time will not hurt anyone cause there's mostly a bulk of them...

I started getting friendly with gadgets to ditch the loneliness within...then obviously video games attracted me...n when I dive there,I witness the details of powerful characters ...the uniqueness that lies within their persona...I got amused with them n that inpires me to dig more about them...i surfed a lot n then find my mentors' portfolio,yes it is Billelis 😊...I found the one like me who don't wanna follow the travelled path n believe in doing something that satifies the small heart within💖...

Apart from this my interest in mythologies of world,the hobby to dig more about mysteries,secrets always work as an inspiration to create n relate with the unspoken(alike me)

Please tell us about the artwork which, you are most proud of.

I believe every piece of my creations that firm footsteps in this Art journey of mine makes me proud ...cause I'm still a self-taught artist...yeah you heard it right👍 That's why I always took time to release 1/1(mostly....else multiple on demand only) edition of my works with highest quality of skill set(that I hold at that period of time) But still The One that I'm proud of the most till now from the day of its creation is "Dark Magic"...that represents the collection of skulls in Satan's courtyard...symbolically the secrets or the mysteries that always hold a place in some darkside of our souls that we never wanna share...

What main statement did you want to make with that artwork?

The emotion attached with the "Dark Magic" is to never prejudice anyone based on the scenarios you see around...i truly mean the gossip too...there is always a mysterious dump of sorrows that makes the people whatever they face in their life just like you never try to scratch that segment likewise you don't wanna to get scratched unless you like to !

What else do you want to tell us about your art?

Mmm Madolf Art ,as you can see already has so many styles,experiments that I'm still learning n evolving with my changing work-flows...the skill set that I'm adding day by day....I really don't wanna settle down or limit to a specific style,so I can clearly promise you to bring versatility always😉👍

What do you like on mysteries?

'The silence of unspoken words'...this is the main thing or you can say the element that I like the most in Mysteries cause this is what I relate the most with them 😃

How do you see the future of NFTs?

Well I'm honestly not sure of other NFTs like cryptokitties n likewise...I think (apology being rude here ...but its a honest one for sure) these types are just a hype in starting phase of NFTs or usage of blockchain....

At settled phase of these techno assets of blockchain i.e. NFTs...for example digital art,real estate assets etc....,I truly believe they will hold a significant amount of importance(in financial terms too) cause of their scarce n transparent nature of digital authenticity that is applicable at global level ...

These will rise only for sure...cause of their authentic n global exposure💖💪🚀

And as of now what we are perceiving is that every government is trying to harness this technology in their way....

, yup the other way around to regulate cryptocurrency is totally a issue for some short period of time only ... to save their fiatfor them😂 n put stupid taxes there too😢...which I honestly wish should fail😅...but...🙏

Very interessting point of view Madolf - I think a lot of us know it to dive deep in games and roles. And also a few were inspired by it to search for truth within themselves. It always pleases me to meet a fellow traveler researcher of life Then you know that you are not crazy and not alone. I am proud to have a few pieces of your art in my collection.
Let´s go on on this life journey!

thanks a lot Madolf ...


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