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Interview with Pirates_of_art

A very special kind of art collector.

What makes art valuable?

What is the essence of art?

And what does a pirate want as an art collector? (And what makes a pirate an art collector?)

Pirates_of_art says the following about this:

For me, art is a language, a form of communication. It always works but only very few understand it “consciously”. Everyone hears (takes note of / senses) it, but only a few understand it.

However, when one begins to understand this language, entire universes open up for the understanding one.

From my point of view, the essence of art can be found in music, paintings, films, plays, calligraphy, cooking, raising children, machines, companies or simply in everything that people are engaged in.

I see art as a kind of information that is found in the work of art itself. This information has the property of influencing its viewer, listener and connoisseur. It speaks to the counterpart. When you notice what kind of information is affecting you, you understand the language of art.

To make it practical, when you surround yourself with people who like to go out, you are likely to feel the urge to go out as well very soon.

If you have good friends who are interested in a certain topic - you suddenly realize that even in your reality you perceive more and more about this topic.

You are interested in a red Porsche and suddenly you see this car everywhere. Do you know that?

As an example, you are a person who pays attention to its diet. Now you surround yourself with people to whom this is not much important, and after some time you begin to no longer see nutrition so strictly.

Or you read an exciting book as a child. For example, Captain Nemo. Now you begin to dream of traveling the oceans yourself, with constant new adventures and experiences. Developing new technologies and move mankind forward.

10 years later you are an officer on a submarine or travel the world as a journalist. Haven't you ever seen how something influenced you in the same way?

Art is the language that worked there.

Imagine, in a work of art one could recognize the thoughts, feelings, needs, intensions and desires of the artist. Imagine if you could feel, experience and understand this like in a 4D cinema!

Then how carefully would you choose the art that surrounds you?

When everything you surround yourself with shapes you. How carefully would you choose the things that you allow to shape and influence you?

With this mindset I choose art. Art is all the more valuable to me, all the more information is in it, which brings me closer to my goals.

Just think about it, you could buy a picture that will make you healthy. Or one that makes you more successful, makes you become more attractive to the opposite gender or make your enemies tremble before confronting you.

All of this can promote art in any way, but also prevent it.

Think about the downsides of this equation, imagine someone has a very expensive picture hanging over his bed, the creation of which the artist himself was in the final stages of his life and died of cancer shortly afterwards.

What information do you think is contained in such pictures? And how do you think such information affects your health?

If you can see that beforehand you can prevent such art from affecting you.

Art that I collect is unique. I am looking for the information that is in it and my goals.

That is what makes the true worth to me.

What is more valuable than having a picture in your possession that will help you be more successful in your business?

Perhaps realizing which art you shouldn't buy or sell because it's constantly suppressing your success!

Thank you for your attention


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