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"Grimoire - Venus of Metaverse" by Katalina Ooma


Hello, dear ones! This is a piece I was preparing for the Venus of Metaverse exhibition. Unfortunately, fell sick and was in bed for days which prevent me from taking part in it. Luckily, my model Ms Grimoire (amazing lady and a streamer on Twitch) was very understanding and we agreed that I can finish the piece and mint it on MakersPlace. ^^ The painting was done using Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop. The animation was made by my friend Q-O-P in Blender. He also applied for a MP creator so hopefully he'll be approved soon. Really hope you like it. More coming soon. ^^

Reasons for me to collect:

I saw this lady and was facinated by her elegance and sex appeal. Look into her eyes (and then a little deeper) and melt away.

"Thank you for so much elegance and sex appeal." Pirates_of_art

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