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"Gormatos, The Layered" by Kristoffer Hyde aka. RF.ST / Ruffensteint Renders


A reflection on the very layered nature of our emotional spectrum. Beginning with a dark cold exterior and bland expression Gormatos reveals lighter and less dense layers of their soul. At dead center is a serene state accompanied by atmospheric chimes, a type of nirvana if you will, showing the duality within everybody no matter who the person or subject. A coexistence between contrasting precious metals.

Reasons for me to collect:

This artwork perfectly shows visually how our personality consists of many layers of images. Our personality serves as a shell or suit through which the real us views "reality" and through which we appear to the world.

When we recognize these layers we can work on and with you. This gives us power over our own lives. The music underpins the depth of this masterpiece.

„Many thanks to Kristoffer Hyde for pointing out these fundamental connections of personality layers and perception of reality.“ Pirates_of_art

Kristoffer Hyde:


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