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"Freya's Due" by Sam Flegal


"Freyja is the most renowned of the goddesses; she has in heaven the dwelling called Fólkvangr, and wheresoever she rides to the strife, she has one-half of the kill, and Odin half, as is here said: Fólkvangr 't is called, where Freyja rules Degrees of seats in the hall; Half the kill, she keepeth each day, And half Odin hath.” – Gylfaginning, Translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur Freyja is such a fascinating goddess, both as a goddess of love and of death. She rides into battle, and is the patron of many a shield maiden; but is also the goddess to turn to for matters of the heart. In this painting Freya is depicted in her in her furious battle aspect, riding atop her battle swine, Hildisvíni, with her winged cloak spread wide, out to collect the souls of the battle dead, that are her due!

Reasons for me to collect:

I saw the first picture "Elemental Thor" by Sam Flegal in the new artworks feed of Makersplace.

Than I looked at the profil of Sam Flegal and saw he is new on Makersplace. His art with strong reference to Nordic mytology immediately captivated me.

And only the color variety of his pictures - simply breathtaking. Now I was interested to find out more about him.

I read the description about him, found out that he sold hand painted pictures and limited reprints of his originals. I wanted to strike immediately - but then came the great disillusionment.

I wasn't from the US and his website only said shipping within the US.

But I was now already convinced that this artist is a real pearl and I would like to promote Him. And of course I didn't want to miss the chance to buy one of his first NFT's.

I was thinking of buying one or two of his paintings. But since I would like to know whose art I include in my collection, I contacted Sam directly. Of course, I had already found a favorite, which I wanted to buy from him. "Freya's due

It was just as scripted. He answered me a few hours later and he told me his price for the 1of1.

I questioned how he came up with this price. And he answered convincingly. He had been working in the film and animation industry for decades, had been a professional artist for over 20 years and had put over 200 hours of his working time into Freiya. This means for me this artwork has only in hours a value of more than 10.000 USD.

But not only that. See the expression of strength and DETERMINATION in the eyes of Freya and your fighting pig Hildisvíni and the little cat. She looks so sexy and yet so dangerous. Simply unique. Then the gradient in the background. Like burning fire, the glimmer splits in the appearance of Freya and her cronies.

And look at the burning of the souls that leave the fallen ones and are attracted and gathered by Freya. You can practically feel the soul fire and the power behind it aul shiver, like a goose bumps wave flowing through the body.

I was convinced.

I am proud to welcome a work of Freiya in my collection. For a very personal reason, I will probably still be very connected with this work.

„Thanks to Sam Flegal (by the way this name is amazing!) for give me this piece of power.“ Pirates_of_art


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