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“Faraday Cage“ Part 1 of the Spaceman Collection

a great piece of art by: Scardecc

Two things have intrigued Ryan Scardecchio his entire life: Creating art and the question of how he was able to create in the first place. As a digital artist from Philadelphia, Ryan gets most of his inspiration from questioning reality itself.

"We just wake up one day and we are on this planet, no explanation as to why or how or if we came here before. There is so much we don’t know and can’t fathom, that we have to use our imagination to fill in the gaps, to make sense of it all.”

The surreal collages Ryan creates are a visual representation of his subconscious piecing together the unknown.

"Making a collage is the purest form of creativity because there are no rules, no guidelines, nothing is off limits and absolutely anything is possible.

The only limit he face is how deep inside his mind he is willing to go to birth a new concept.

How far in the fringes will he allow his mind to wander in order to get inspiration? Much like the universe we inhabit, he believe our conscious is Infinite, just waiting to be tapped in to, to be explored.

His work is the digital manifestation of his inner explorations."

Ultimately, Ryan’s main goal is to cause the viewer think outside the realms of possibility and start having them look to inside oneself rather than outside for the answers.

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