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"Evolution" by Igor Kozachok


@kozachok, 16th March 2021

Reasons for me to collect:

Again the colors Igor Kozachok use are so amazing. I knew Igor Kozachok since 4 month from

I was from the first moment facinated from his quality of drawing, the colors he use and the ideas behind.

So I bought some pictures from him on Makersplace.

Than I would buy the picture: Normalizing Alcohol - the story behind is so true - but I was not fast enough. Someone bought it directly in front of my nose.

Than I looked around on his website and found a great and very sexual artwork. The name is Debauchery of the Roman Empire (SR) - and I want to buy it. But I can´t find on Makersplace...

So I was a little disappointed for some days.

Than one morning I remeber on that picture and wanted to take a look on the pictures from Igor on Makerplace again.

There I saw the "Evolution" and felt in love!!! I thought not even 2 seconds - than I bought it.

The colors, the story shown, the feelings - everything was fitting.

After that my hole days was saved - thanks so much Igor.

Very great collectible.

„Again many thanks to Igor Kozachok - Great idea for an piece of art!“ Pirates_of_art


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