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"Elixir" by Overfiend


We feed our lust and desires off the countless images of sexuality that bombard our daily lives. Objectifying the human form, we become lifeless automatons in constant search of our next fix. It’s no longer an addiction, it’s an insatiable need.

Sound on!!!

Reasons for me to collect:

Thats amazing - sexual - deep and facinating.

I have seen this animation and felt to message behind.

Many people in the world are addicted to sexuality and need always new kicks.

The artwork is an icon as an expression of our momentary consciousness in relation to sexuality.

Thanks to Overfiend and Makersplace.

Very great collectible.

„Many thanks to Overfiend I am happy to have this incredible piece of erotic art in my collection.“ Pirates_of_art


overfiend liinks:

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