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DADART | Damiano aka. @d01_v2 Nr. #2 of "Collectors Empire"

Aktualisiert: 6. Mai 2021

A collector who collect on many plattforms. I am proud to introduce DADART | Damiano aka. @d01_v2 from Italy to you.
He is the Founder of ItalianCryptoClub and an old hand in the crypto business.

1. What inspired you to become an collector of NFT’s?

I have been in the crypto sector for 5 years and when I first saw NFT, punk and kitties I thought it was just a game, when instead the cryptoart trend was born with Hackatao (my friends), I thought I had to create a community that laid the foundations for a new movement. The community has become the largest in Italy. My interest grew until I decided to start buying.

2. How do you choose the artworks you buy?

I mainly buy what I like because the goal is to bring digital into something physical and keep them at home :) but I also see if the artist is respected and supported by other collectors as well, to balance my portfolio in the best possible way.

3. Is there some art you would never buy? If yes - Why?

Yes, I would never buy art that doesn't communicate meaning. Maybe it's beautiful, but if she doesn't convey any value, it's not art for me.

4. Please tell us what means art for you.

Art is communication, emotion and life. Aristotle said that "Some things that nature does not know how to do art does, while others imitate them".

5. What give an NFT it’s value?

It depends. If we talk about collectible NFT, I think it is a personal whim that everyone judges according to their own life experiences. It may be of no value to me and so much to you. If we talk about video games then the single editions allow a new way of approaching, this changes the paradigms beyond the personal value, it will have a value based on use. If we talk about art, there is no limit. There is also no limit to the possibilities of using NFT, everything can be exclusive.

6. What else you wanna tell us about your collection?

Each piece I have collected has a personal meaning. For example:, it is a perfect transposition of my state as a child, as I suffered from sleep paralysis which fortunately I have overcome. It makes me remember those moments.

7. How do you see the future of NFTs?

I believe that the very term "future" fits perfectly with the term "NFT". I am still young, 25 years old and finishing my engineering studies. I thought of some projects and applications they may have and ... wow. This is the future.

"Thank you very much for your thoughts. I am glad to welcome such an really art appreciating collector in "Collectors Empire". Pirates_of_art

Here you can find our highly respected collector without searching the universe.








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