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"Black Cat Portrait Painting" by Jonathan Hopkins


This digital black cat portrait painting is of a cat I know that has a tendency to be unpredictable and likely to attack visitors without prior warning. I used blues, purples and reds with expressive brush work to capture these traits and characteristics of a brooding, alert, assertive and powerful animal.

I love to work in this style that is realistic yet has extremely energetic and expressive brush work to capture the subject matter. It is one of my personal favourite styles of painting.

Size = 11 x 15 Inches

Reasons for me to collect:

I saw this artwork on Makersplace and was facinated by the deepnes in the eyes and the look of the cat. She looks so natural and confident. Amazing. I never liked cats so much - I am more the dog lover. But for this cat I make an exception.

„Many thanks to Jonathan Hopkins fascinating work.“ Pirates_of_art

Jonathan Hopkins:


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