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"Beyond the Horizon" by Silvio Vieira


Edition 1 of 1

-Liquid fire, The heavens are burning, Utopia, Never finish, Never start, Don't give up, It's all inside, Of you, Your heart.-

Reasons for me to collect:

I was new in NFT´s and investigated this area. There I found this amazin picture of Silvio Vieira. The price was for this time high but I felt in love in the moment I saw it. I thought about 2 days and then I bought this amazing artwork.

I am very interessted in inner power and what or who we humans are - that´s why I like the art of Silvio very much. I think everybody who is interessted in this topic can understand what I feel and see in these artworks.

„Many thanks to Silvio Vieira deep touching work.“ Pirates_of_art

Silvio Vieira:


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