"Betrayal" by Zach Murray


A Science Fantasy scene. One of drama, love, sacrifice and betrayal. What would be your story?

Mid-Background: Sandy dune within a giant castle.

3d elements, 2d objects, photo manipulation and collaging.

Special vectoring technique.

Reasons for me to collect:

I saw an artwork of Zach Murray on www.Makersplace.com and I thought on the book "the alchemist" by Paolo Coelho.

I was sfacinated by this book when I read it the first time. A guy, who found himself and his inner power while he faced a lot of pain and dangerous.

I think this is a way of life.

This pictures remembers me on that.

„Many thanks to Zach for your remembering work.“ Pirates_of_art

original: https://makersplace.com/pirates_of_art/betrayal-1-of-1-42761/

Zach Murray: https://beta.cent.co/@astrozach

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1cosmozach/