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„A Mazed Escape“ by Spaced Painter

Spaced Painter is an acclaimed Visionary Crypto Artist exploring the use of Tech in Art from VR/AR and AI to 3D Fractals, CGI, Motion Effects, AR Enabled Fashion and more.


“I imagined a labyrinth of labyrinths, a maze of mazes, a twisting, turning, ever-widening labyrinth that contained both past and future and somehow implied the stars. Absorbed in those illusory imaginings, I forgot that I was a pursued man; I felt myself, for an indefinite while, the abstract perceiver of the world. The vague, living countryside, the moon, the remains of the day did their work in me; so did the gently downward road, which forestalled all possibility of weariness. The evening was near, yet infinite.”

— Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones

"A Mazed Escape" is a 3D piece I've created in 2018. I dearly recall working on it for many hours over a period of months until I felt my dystopian vision of this escape from an endless-labyrinth-world was achieved. For the first time I am making the original Ultra High Res 8000 x 10000 Master file accessible to collectors of Rare Digital Art who can own a piece of Spaced Painter history.

Reasons for me to collect:

I saw an artwork of Spaced Painter 3 month ago on but I though in this moment not on buying this. I thought the price is a little bit to high.

Than after I collected a lot of experience in NFT-art Spaced Painter crossed me way again. I saw his picture “Ophiuchus“

So I made an offer for Ophiuchus and A Mazed Escape. After That I was surprised by an message by Spaced Painter. He said, that He would like to sell this great artworks to me, but my bid was a little to low for that art.

But he said for both he would make an special price for me.

I thought about that and looked on both artworks. I was not sure. Because in this moment I have an fixed budget per month to invest in NFT-art and both pictures was out of my budget for that month.

So I shortly before I fall asleep in this night I decided to make an higher offer for A Mazed Escape.

I woke up in the morning and my day was done - Spaced Painter accepted !!!! Great I was so happy. I love this colors and the idea behind this artwork. It remembers me on my own life - or even on all life’s of humans.

Finding the way in there own labyrinth of life and create something beautiful.

I hope Ophiuchus found one also an collector who sees the hole worth of it. Or when my budget fits I will give it an home for lifetime.

- thanks so much Spaced Painter.

Very great collectible.

„Again many thanks to Spaced Painter for your great works - Extraordinary idea for an piece of art!“ Pirates_of_art


Spaced Painter:


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